Monday, 18 September 2017

How to Maximise Bathroom Storage

It’s exciting when you are planning a new bathroom design. As you look at different shower types, decide where you are going to put the toilet, and weigh up various bathtub styles, it’s easy to overlook one key element and forget about storage. This might be right at the bottom of your list of priorities, but it’s a vital part of any good bathroom design. Work this into your project, and you’ll have a bathroom that looks amazing, is very functional, and has plenty of places to keep bits and bobs. To assist you, we list a few suggestions for the best bathroom storage solutions.  

Shelving Units
Bespoke shelving units are useful items to have inside a bathroom. They look good and create a handy storage solution for things like towels. Roll them up or fold them flat and place individual towels on different shelves, or simply use the shelves for storing other items instead. The beauty of bespoke shelving units is you can fit them to the exact dimensions of your bathroom so you make use of all the available space inside the room.  

Wall Cabinets
Utilise wall space if you want to maximise as much room as possible inside your bathroom. Wall cabinets make full use of these areas and can be used to store a wealth of items, including bars of soap, tubes of toothpaste, and a host of other toiletries. Get organised and choose a wall cabinet that suits the style and theme of the bathroom. Wall cabinets make use of dead space and they can add instant appeal to the interior design.    

Under-Sink Storage
Sink cabinets are available in a huge choice of colours and sizes so perfect for any bathroom setting. They can be freestanding or wall hung and come in traditional or contemporary designs. You can really make the most of your bathroom with these practical and stylish features. Choose an elegant design with sliding drawers, a cupboard underneath, or a mixture of drawers and cupboard space.  
Towel Rails
Another way to utilise dead space inside a bathroom is to install a towel rail on the wall. Heated towel rails are a good option if you want to keep towels dry and warm. There are also towel rings, multi-tiered racks, freestanding towel ladders and towel stackers available, offering plenty of space for up to five standard size towels at any given time.  If you always run out of towels in the bathroom, fit a rail and keep spares there.

Think carefully and you’ll discover plenty of ways to maximise bathroom storage, why not incorporate this into the original design? If you need help with the design and want a bathroom fitting in Yorkshire to the highest possible standards, contact us here at Plumb today, or call us on 01266 210704.

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