Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Cold Showers Have All Of These Benefits

Are you a fan of cold showers? To some people the thought of taking a freezing shower first thing in the morning would fill them with dread. There is a flip side, however. Evidence would suggest that cold showers are actually good for you and by taking one on a regular basis there are significant health benefits.

We wouldn’t be brilliant bathroom specialists if we didn’t have a passion for showers at Plumb Yorkshire, so let our team reveal to you why taking a chilly shower isn’t as crazy as it seems.

What are the advantages of cold showers?

They make you more alert

Have a shower early in the morning and this is the ideal way to awaken the senses and get you ready for the day ahead.  Turn the temperature down a little in the shower and you really will notice your senses come alive. Icy cold water shocks the system. It makes you breathe deeper, increasing your oxygen intake and speeding up your heart rate. Your mind and body are fully awakened by this reaction and you step out of the shower feeling totally clean, fully refreshed, and ready to take on anything that life throws at you today.

Your circulation is improved

Having a cold shower is good for circulation which can help to make you healthier. As the cold water hits your skin your body works harder sending blood to vital organs in a bid to keep them warm. There is a direct increase in circulation around the body, endorphins are released, and this is great news for your heart as it improves cardiovascular performance. Tough it out and that daily shower could be just what your circulation needs.   

Cold showers lighten your mood     

Hydrotherapy has been known to relieve the symptoms of depression. The cold jets of water act as a stimulant for the brain, triggering the primary source of Norepinephrine. This is a hormone naturally produced by the body with the primary function to heighten arousal. If you have low Norepinephrine you feel tired with little interest in life. Nikolai A. Shevchuk stakes a claim for the benefits of a cold shower as a potential treatment for depression in his thesis.  He argues they are good for stimulating the brain.    

They also aid muscle recovery      

Athletes and sporting professionals take ice baths after intensive training sessions so take a daily ice cold shower if you want to recover in less time.  Not only will it improve your circulation, it could also remove some lactic acid, and your muscles will reap the rewards.  Recovering from workouts could be easier in the future if you can brave a cold shower.

There you go - just a few benefits of cold showers. Now all you have to do is have a power shower fitted and this is where we can help at Plumb Yorkshire, the experts in bathroom fitting in Barnsley. Why not call us today on 0800 999 6056.    

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