Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Start a Shower Installation This Way

Have a bathroom update and this provides you with the perfect opportunity to install a new shower.  It makes sense to replace the shower as part of your bathroom makeover, and you can have a little fun playing around with the design and the new layout of the room. 

As one of the experts in bathroom installations, we understand the intricacies involved when you consider a new bathroom design here at Plumb Yorkshire and know all about the thought process that goes behind it.

Should you be considering installing a new bathroom this year, and need a little inspiration when it comes to shower suggestions, you might want to consider some of the following base elements.

Bathroom Size

The space you have inside your bathroom will be important when you are planning a new design. The less room you have to play with the more creative you have to be so you can squeeze all the features you want inside.

If space is an issue, consider fitting a shower over the bath. Or if you have the room to install a shower cubicle but worry about it taking up too much room in the bathroom, a folding shower door can be a sensible compromise that’s less intrusive.

There are different types of shower options available to suit all homeowner requirements. Only you will know which one works best for your home, these are the main options to consider:

·         Standard shower enclosure
·         Shower over the bath
·         Walk in shower or bath
·         Wet Room

Typically, if the shower is going to be installed inside a family bathroom you should have more room to play with. For en suite bathrooms, space might be restricted. In this instance, do away with the bath and just have a shower cubicle, washbasin and WC instead.

Shower Base

Unless you are installing a wet room, the chances are you will be considering a base to go with your shower cubicle to help prevent leaks and contain water before it drains away. Make sure you check the size of the shower tray if you buy this separately from the cubicle.

The good thing about shower bases is they now come in a choice of sizes and styles, with different types of materials available. Take a look at some of the trendier porcelain and acyclic trays that are currently available. You will find them in all sorts of shapes including:

·         Rectangles
·         Squares
·         Quadrants
·         Pentagons
·         Freestanding and offset styles     

Features and Functions

Complete shower systems should be equipped with everything you need to step in, lather up and feel the cares of the world melt away. This is fine, as long as you understand how to operate the features and the functions of the shower, and know which setting does what and when.

Explore different types of taps and mixer heads, along with the functionality of the system controls to ensure you enjoy a carefree shower the first time you use your new bathroom suite.   

When choosing shower heads, look for these features:

·         Power and performance
·         Settings and spray pattern
·         Flow rate
·         Finish
·         Mounting - handheld, fixed, pivot mounted etc 

Type of Flooring

Shower and bathroom flooring is a key aspect to any home makeover. It’s unlikely you are going to consider carpeting your bathroom for practical purposes. Most homeowners choose tiles in bathrooms and wetrooms which prove to be popular for their looks, performance and ease of maintenance.

Key factors to consider when you are looking for bathroom flooring are:

·         Looks
·         Size
·         Durability
·         Water resistance 
·         Cost

Making over a bathroom is an exciting process, as long as you consider the main points when you are installing a new shower you’ll create the bathroom of your dreams with ease.

For help, advice and to receive a FREE quote for bathroom designs and installations, don’t hesitate to contact us at Plumb Yorkshire by calling 0800 999 6056.   

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