Tuesday, 15 May 2018

A guide to creating the ideal family bathroom

It’s sometimes hard to get the balance in creating a bathroom which is both attractive and conventional for all the family. The family bathroom in the morning and at night time can be the busiest room in the house, within this blog we try to give you tips on enhancing the functionality and safety of the bathroom for the whole family.  
Long towel heater
Is there anything worse than a damp towel? Yes, a damp towel that’s been left on the floor. With a long heated tower rail, there will be no excuses for leaving wet items on the floor as all family members will be able to find a spot for their towels. Larger than the average rail, the longer version will keep your bathroom warm throughout the cold winter mornings.
Easy clean flooring
When small children are using the bathroom it’s likely that the floor will get very wet for a period of time, so choosing the flooring is vital from preventing any injuries. Ceramic tiles or vinyl are popular due to the non-slip action they create but also they come in a range of colours and patterns, so you’re able to match them with other fittings. These floorings are very easy to clean too, so if any foreign liquid is spilt onto them, cleaning will be easy.
Family storage ideas
Be creative with your fittings, no matter how big or small your bathroom is there are many inventive storage fittings in which you can use to make the most out of your space. Wall hung storage is ideal for any family, and stringed bags with suction cups attached to wall tiles are useful items to keep all of the bath toys out of the way.
Tired of queuing for the sink? Install a double basin to speed up the morning routine with no more waiting, and consider extra storage underneath for all those essentials.
Eco Toilet and Eco Shower Head
Buying eco-friendly fittings has become more popular in recent years, as they will save you money on energy and water bills. An eco flush system uses less than half a litre worth of flush each time, whilst an eco shower head will save you up to 30% on the normal shower usage. A family household will see the difference in their water bill each month by choosing eco-friendly solutions. 
Handle-less Furniture
People implement handle-less furniture throughout the kitchen to prevent the children from hurting themselves, this can now be done throughout the bathroom. Furniture fitted with a press system removes the need for handles, just press the cupboard and it will open.  Not only will this keep your child safe, it’ll put your mind at ease.
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