Wednesday, 14 December 2016

How to Fool People into Thinking Your Bathroom is Bigger than it is!

We install bathrooms of all sizes here at Plumb Yorkshire, offering tailored solutions designed and installed to the unique requirements of our customers.  Over the years, we have created countless bathroom solutions that make smaller rooms seem larger than they actually are. If your home has a smaller bathroom, and there’s no scope to extend the room or you simply don’t have the budget to do this right now, there are still things you can do to make the room feel larger than it actually is.

Try these suggestions to make a smaller bathroom feel like a palatial pampering zone!

Take advantage of natural light

Incorporate as much natural light as you can into the bathroom to reduce the impression of it being a dark, cramped and rather confined space. Install a larger bathroom window and this can be a useful way to make the room more inviting. Instead of covering the window with blinds or other window dressings, leave it bare and utilise frosted glazing to retain privacy within the room.

Paint the walls a lighter colour  

Dark colours decrease the feeling of space within a room and can make them feel a little claustrophobic. Think carefully before choosing colour schemes for your bathroom. Paler shades actually make the room look a lot bigger than it is. Bright and light tones such as white, sky blue or creams will give the room a feeling of space. Use tones wisely to deceive the eye.  

Keep clutter to a minimum

Cut back on clutter in your bathroom if you are worried about space. Think about the items you have on display in the bathroom and consider whether you actually need to keep these products in there.  You could keep spare towels in bedroom closets for instance, or store hairdressing products in dressing tables and chests of drawers. Simply take them into the bathroom when you want to use them and remove them again afterward.

Use mirrors to enhance the feeling of space

A large bathroom mirror fitted to a wall inside a smaller bathroom adds a feeling of depth inside the room. Replace smaller mirrors with large feature mirrors that make the room look twice the size. Do this and you create the feeling of a light, bright, flowing space. 
Fit glass shower screens

Many smaller bathrooms have showers fitted over the bath to free up room. This is a practical solution, just be careful not to overcrowd the room by fitting a bold shower curtain which can act as a physical barrier. One way to avoid doing this is to install a glass shower screen. Glass screens prevent water from spraying over the floor when you take a shower but leave a clear view of the tub and the tiles behind.  

Regardless of the size of your bathroom, we can install a first-class solution for you here at Plumb that’s practical, stylish, and makes great use of the space available.

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